Wednesday, September 30, 2009

John Adams: a Noteworthy Man

Please write 500 words on John Adams by using your out of text readings, text-book and the movie shown in class.

I am frequently amazed by the things no one thought to teach me earlier in life. All through elementary school I thought I was learning the central important information that other ideas were built on. While this is true, I still wish I had been taught some of the extra stuff earlier.
John Adams is someone I only ever heard of in passing until about two years ago. Sure I knew that he was a president and that his son John Quincy later became president too, but beyond that I had no clue who he was or even that he was involved at all in our separation from England at all.
As much as I admire and look up to General Washington and Thomas Jefferson, I feel like some of the time spent studying them (every year, the same stuff) could have been set aside for learning about John Adams, who was a great leader then and is a great role model now.
John Adams was among the earliest to recognize that we needed to separate from England. He was very passionate for that cause. I think he was passionate about everything he did. He ran his farm in Boston with the same care he used when writing letters to his wife, Abigail.
Beside his dedication to everything he did, John Adams is a good role model in his Christianity. He admitted God’s hand in the creation of this new nation. He recognized the risk in separation from England, but he said he would go forward with it, depending on God despite how “unfashionable” Christianity was at the time.
John Adams also recognized the need for certain circumstances under which the separation had to take place. He made the right connections, singling out Benjamin Franklin, General George Washington, and Thomas Jefferson as those of a like mind. Together with these individuals and his fellow delegates from Boston he slowly persuaded many of the other members of the Continental Congress of that reconciliation with England was unlikely and the time for separation was growing close.
He likely recognized this earlier than most because of British troops in Boston and British ships in Boston Harbor. That was his home. Boys and men he knew were fighting and dying. He cared so much about his home. He also recognized that this was one sign that the British were not looking for reconciliation. The colonists, in there mind, were no longer British citizens, but foreign subjects to be ruled over.
When there “Olive Branch Petition” was rejected by King George III of England, who saw the colonists as being in open rebellion, many of the other colony’s representatives finally saw that reconciliation was not a likely course. However, John Adams and others in support of severing ties with England still had to practice their methods of protracted political debates. Each had to have recognized when the best time to call for a declaration of independence.
When the time for drafting the Declaration of Independence arrived, John Adams recognized that Thomas Jefferson was the man for the job. He felt like more people would agree with what Jefferson said and how he said it. Adams recognized that he was not a well liked man because of what he stood for and how vocally he stood for it and he did not concern himself with pleasing others.
John Adams was an admirable man. He dedicated his life to the things he cared most for. He had a strong zeal for this new nation and a passion for protecting the people in it. He acknowledged God’s hand in all these things, despite the social climate of the era. He stood up for what he believed in and sat down for nothing. I am glad to know more about him.

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